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due to the measures surrounding the corona virus, the premiere has been postponed until 2021! If you're hungry, take a look at the teaser below.


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For this performance Sien Vanmaele went to work in a cheap supermarket chain. Like mother, like daughter because her mother has been a cashier for life. But looking for the little life she came across something else.


I LOST MY MOM AT THE SUPERMARKET is an honest ode to the unexpected. It is a performance about the difference between fortune bags and fortune seekers. About mama kiddies, workmen and accident powder. 


A supermarket hymn to the beats of Jason Dousselaere & the scanner.



Text, concept, director: Sien Vanmaele
Acting: Violet Braeckman & Jason Dousselaere
Music: Jason Dousselaere
Writer coaching: Joachim Robbrecht
Dramaturgical advice: Els Theunis
Text assistance: Adriaan Van Aken
Light design and technics: Lies Van Loock
Scenography: Lies Van Loock en Bert Vanmaele
Production: Ward De Blick
Promotional image: Thomas Dhanens
Hair and makeup promo: Carolien Wardenier
Costume promo: Hannelore Dreher
In collaboration with: Het nieuwstedelijk, stad Antwerpen & VIA ZUID
Many thanks to: CC Berchem, deAuteurs, De Brakke Grond,  KAAP & Zomer van Antwerpen, Mami Izumi, Vanessa Verstappen and Adina Macpherson