Sien Vanmaele is an actress, theatre maker and artistic exhibitionist: she gives her audience a glimpse into the little tragedies of everyday life. For each story she tells, she chooses the most suitable form. Sometimes a mini-opera, sometimes a food performance or a video installation.


The common thread? Her own experience. Sien's work hesitates, searches and is painfully personal, without sparing herself. For the food performance > Witlof From Syria, for example, she cooked with Syrian families, hoping to overcome the gap between Syrian and Belgian culture. She healed the audience of heartache while cooking on a wood fire in Spijs Voor Liefde (Food For Love). Or she wrote a punk opera about a broken relationship with > HOPE SHE WAS WORTH IT. Always fragile, but at the same time furious and furious.


Her work doesn't proclaim, but wants to breathe engagement. About how we find ourselves in a fast-paced time of selfies and Instagram . About how we find each other in times of rumbling grenates, barricades and feminism. About meeting and leaving. About missing and wanting to be missed. About love and everything but that dirty, despicable and above all annoying love.


In her new performance > I LOST MY MOM AT THE SUPERMARKET, Sien follows the footsteps of her mother, who has been working in a cheap supermarket chain for 28 years. Working in the same supermarket, she thought she would find a world that was miles away from hers. 


As for facts: Sien graduated from the Maastricht Drama Academy in 2016 as an actress. Already before, she obtained a bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Literature from the Free University of Brussels.

Sien's work cannot be summed up in a few words. Although 'doubting, painfully personal and fragile, but furious' comes pretty close. 

Want to see Sien at work? > Take a look at the calendar!