Theatre-maker Sien Vanmaele uses her passion for cooking and theatre as a means of creating encounters and critically questioning herself and the world.


This is also the case in her food performance Witlof from Syria. The question: "Would you like to cook with me?" led to several meetings with people of Syrian descent, at home in their kitchen.


Witlof from Syria is the moving reflection of those encounters in the kitchen.


★★★★ Theaterkrant

"Vanmaele doesn't make it prettier than it is. With Witlof from Syria, she has made a frank search for a different culture. Honest, without sparing herself or the other. With the help of a delicious dish, we may conclude afterwards."

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Concept, text and acting Sien Vanmaele 

Coaching Peter De Bie 

Writer coaching Joachim Robbrecht 

Director Louis Van Der Waal 

Production Ward De Blick 

Dramaturgical advice Merel Hering 

Scenography Studio Kuurjeus 

Light design Mieke den Braber 

Design recipes Vanessa Verstappen 

Promotional image  Thomas Dhanens 

Make-up and hair Carolien Wardenier 

In collaboration with  de Brakke Grond, deBuren, Jonge Harten, Laika, VIA ZUID en Zomer van Antwerpen 

Many thanks to Margot de Sera voor tekstredactie en Aukje Schaafsma voor eindregie in de onderzoeksfase